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Subject: Brennan//

02/20/2009 18:36

Up to date right at the moment, more Deliveries episodes

Deliveries episode 3 Link

Deliveries episode 4 Link

Deliveries episode 5 Link


Subject: Brennan//


Comics after...Years? XD Yeah I'm doing that, also Sprite Saga is just gonna be random due to a Time Paradox with Breeze where Brennan and Patrick fight too much explosions...or something like that, must be loosing it, anyway

26 / 27 / 28 / 29 - time paradox

After abit of Trial and error, the Pepsi blue queen is active, and the new site design is now in order (Mostly at least) is finally completed, though some sites will need abit of tweaking, it's enough to enter at least, so enjoy :D

abit on quick news, I'm offically canceling Final Phantasy, it seems more on a giant rock to carry, and there's some people (who's names I won't mention) in it, that I don't like working around with :/

and I'll might just...maybe stick to random sprites for awhile

and on a large Flash Note, I'm working on a flash Game

Menai Chronicles


I'll shall show you details when I can, right now, I'm in the concept phase still..